Thursday, 12 March 2009

Ealing Beekeepers and the course

I won't blog about the whole beekeeping course, but it's certainly worth a mention (in retrospect since I'm now writing this several months later).
I joined Ealing Beekeepers recently. It's a local association affiliated to the British BeeKeepers Association. Joining such a local club is the way to get into beekeeping. And a fine bunch of ladies and gentlemen they are at Ealing, to be sure. My 6 week beeginners course (2 hours a week) finished today. Every Thursday, 25 of us had huddled up in a cramped and freezing hut in West London. The course was horribly oversubscribed, but fun for that, I thought. I learned a fair but too, despite having avidly read several books before I started. Next there will be some practical sessions at the Apiary every couple of Saturdays, again led by the wonderfully gregarious and generious lot who run the association. Well done, you lot! (you know who you are).